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27MHz RC receiver and decoder

This is a niche product intended for radio control (RC) purposes. It provides ouputs to control: LEDs, lamps, relays and servos. Amongst others it can be used for real-time remote control of a model submarine (dynamic diving).



The PCB is based on the AX5043 RF transceiver IC, includes signal decoding  and provides 7 digital outputs (ULN2003) and 7 proportional pulse outputs (servo control signals).

Soft- and hardware are derivatives of the research PCB (see elsewhere on this website). A design challenge is to make the receiver also accept signals from the Radiometrix LMT0 module (CE approved).

The power supply voltage ranges from 6 to 12VDC and can be a regulated power supply or a battery. Currently the PCB is being fitted with parts after which testing can begin.

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